Our Nursing Systems

Nursing Wear Specially Designed With Concealed Access Points

Designing nursing wear is MEV's core competency. We specialise in the design and production of breastfeeding clothing and have been doing so since 2003. MEV has built a wealth of experience and technical know-how in the construction of functional nursing design. A well-constructed nursing garment amalgamates these considerations: (1) the style, design and its aesthetic elements, (2) the pattern and fit, (3) the type of fabrication and (4) a technically-and-functionally viable nursing access type.


It is our vision that with aptly constructed nursing garments, allowing for discreet and convenient feeding access, a nursing mother can breastfeed on-the-go and gain confidence from the breastfeeding experience.  


Neckline Nursing Access

This access type typically calls for designs that allow a double-neckline construction. The outer neckline layer (usually a surplice, cowl or low scoop neck variant) is lined by an inner shelf layer that has openings for direct breast access. To nurse, pull the outer neckline layer downwards and under the breast, revealing the inner layer with openings.

Side Seam Nursing Access

Access is made from either side of the garment where openings - camouflaged either by an outer overlying layer (lower right image) or fastened by inlaid zippers (lower left image) - are situated along the outer sides of the breasts and run parallel or towards the side seam.

Empire Nursing Access

The most fundamental of nursing access types and probably the more popular option for first time breastfeeding mothers. Empire band can be easily lifted over the chest, to reveal an inner layer of lining with openings to give direct access to the breast.

Drop Cup Nursing Access

Typically designed for camisoles or strappy tanks that incorporate an inbuilt bra and where the garment is help up by the bra's shoulder straps. The outer bra cup layer can be unfastened and dropped down to reveal the inbuilt bra which has an opening for direct feeding. 

Vertical Front Nursing Access

Access is made from centre of the garment where a generous slit or opening is fastened by hidden inlaid zippers or camouflaged by an outer overlying layer. 

Hemlift Nursing Access

Garments with the hemlift access type typically have a fully double lined front. To access, lift the outer layer fully to reveal an inner lining layer where openings are situated for direct breast access.